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Structural On-Site Inspections for Pre-Home Purchase Inspections or Structural Concerns & recommendations

The Structure:

We inspect entry ways, foundations, siding and porches looking for such symptoms of trouble as sagging roof lines, gaps in or damage to the siding, porches pulling away from the building, obvious signs of rot or insect damage settlement, and cracks in foundations.

The Exterior:

An exterior inspection will include a visual assessment of decks, balconies, eaves, soffits and fascias. An inspector will look at the grading of the land around the house for obvious drainage problems, and check walkways and driveways for apparent deterioration or safety concerns. He will also visually inspect vegetation surrounding the house for obvious problems such as the intrusion of roots near the foundation or buried utilities or overgrowth that might promote excess humidity or contribute to security issues. Electric garage door openers should be checked to confirm they are in compliance with current safety standards.

The exterior inspection is not expected to include outbuildings or fences, or any evaluation of hydraulic or geologic conditions.

Other Services Offered:

*Does not comply with IBC chapter 17 “special inspections” requirements